Antonello Provenzale





Born in 1958. Doctorate in Physics in 1987.

Director of the Institute of Geosciences and Earth Resources, Pisa, National Research Council of Italy



IGG: Institute of Geosciences and Earth Resources, CNR, Pisa

GFD Core Faculty Group, WHOI, USA,

email: ,



Research activities


Earth System Dynamics, Geosphere-Biosphere Interactions

and Climate




I am interested in the interactions between geosphere, climate and living organisms, in fundamental processes of Earth System and climate dynamics, and in the multiple ways biosphere affects climate. These themes are addressed in the framework of several international initiatives, including Long-Term Ecological Research monitoring programs and Critical Zone research. Specific activities concern the role of vegetation and soil water in determining water and carbon fluxes, the dynamics of the soil-vegetation-atmosphere-water systems in arid and semi-arid regions and in mountains, the interaction between geomorphology and vegetation patterns, and the carbon cycle. I have recently contributed to the establishment of a new high-altitude Critical Zone Observatory at the Gran Paradiso National Park, and others are on the way.


Parallel to the above activities, I am involved in data analysis and modelling of ecosystems, population dynamics, geosphere-biosphere interactions and ecosystem responses to climatic and environmental drivers.


I am also working on basic issues in climate dynamics, with special focus on paleoclimate and exoplanetary climates, tackling the issues related to the conditions for planetary habitability and linking long-term dynamics of planetary climates to basic processes in planetary geology.


My approach includes measurements, data analysis and the use of implicit- and explicit-space approaches, the role of ecosystem engineers, and the use of a hierarchy of models with different complexity (from Energy Balance Models to Global Climate Models).


Many of these activities are included in the EU H2020 Project ECOPOTENTIAL: Improving Future Ecosystem Benefits through Earth Observations (2015-2019), see


I also participate in the activities of the Group on Earth Observations (GEO), coordinating GEO ECO, the GEO Global Ecosystem Initiative,


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Impacts of climate change on water resources and ecosystems


The water cycle is closely related to climate, and changes in one are immediately reflected in the other. At the same time, water resources are affected by soil dynamics, geomorphology and the geological setting, and in turn have an impact on them. My current research activities include the study of the changes in precipitation and snow cover, water resources in mountains, the propagation of uncertainty along the modeling chain from precipitation to surface and subsurface water, and the dynamics and expected changes in groundwater resources, including so-called vulnerability approaches. I am involved in projects devoted to the assessment of future groundwater resources for drinking and agricultural purposes in Italy, and I coordinate the working group "The future of water" of the CNR project "Science and Technology Foresight",


Water scarcity and droughts are another possible impact of climate change, as well as the possible increase of wildfire intensity. My research activity currently focuses on empirical models for determining and predicting burned area and wildfire intensity in response to the changing climatic conditions.


Many of these activities are part of the “Project of strategic interest” NextData of the Italian Ministry of University, Education and Research (MIUR), Some of the activities on groundwater are conducted in collaboration with SMAT (Società Metropolitana Acque Torino), and some of the activities on wildfires are conducted in the framework of the ERA-NET ERA4CS on Climate Services. Some of the activities related to the mountain environment are conducted in the framework of GEO-GNOME: The GEO Global Network for Observations and information in Mountain Environments.


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Geophysical, geological and geomorphological fluid dynamics


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In past years, I have studied turbulence and coherent vortices in rotating geophysical flows, and the effects they have on transport processes. Currently, I am interested in the basic fluid dynamical processes associated with convection.


I am working on pattern formation in geomorphological systems and geological fluids, including the dynamics of sand ripples, the collapse of moraine dams, glacier dynamics and simplified fluid models of mantle convection.



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Dissemination and outreach


Parallel to research activities, I am involved in dissemination and outreach actions including writing popular science articles, contributing to public exhibitions and participating in the realisation of scientific documentaries. A 15-min documentary on the population dynamics of the Black Grouse in the western Alps and a 10-min documentary on mountain ecosystems are available. Picture exhibitions with more than 100 images on biodiversity in alpine prairies in the western Alps and with about 50 images on high-altitude lake ecosystems  are available for display. A new photo exhibition on mountain ecosystems is in preparation. Popular articles and a booklet on climate dynamics are available (in Italian). The volume Che cosa è il Global Warming? (in Italian), for mid-school students, was published in 2011. I am part of the Associazione Centroscienza Onlus, for the development and dissemination of scientific culture.



Professional and teaching activities


1994-2008: Coordinator of the international school on Fundamental processes in geophysical fluid dynamics and the climate system held every summer in Valsavarenche (Val d Aosta),


Lecturer in Atmospheric Dynamics from 2002 to 2008, University of Genoa.

Lecturer in Physics of Climate from 2006 to 2009, University of Turin.

Lecturer in Physics of Extended Systems from 2009, University of Turin.

Lecturer in Meteo-Climatology from 2017, University of Pisa.


Member of the Doctorate Program in Physics at the University of Pisa.


Invited professor at the Ben Gurion University, Beer Sheva, Israel (1996),

JILA-Joint Institute for Laboratory Astrophysics, University of Colorado, Boulder, MA, USA (1997),

GFD-WHOI principal lecturer, Woods Hole, MA, USA (1998, 2010),

Ecole Normale Superieure, Paris, France (2006), Universite Paris VI (2008, 2009).


Golden Badge Award of the European Geophysical Society in 1997.


Coordinator of the GEO Global Ecosystem Initiative of the Group on Earth  Observations (GEO).


Coordinator of the Project of Strategic Interest NextData, MIUR, 2012-2018,


Coordinator of the EU H2020 Project ECOPOTENTIAL, 2015-2019,


Member of the Italian Glaciological Committee (CGI)


Member of the Italian Committee at the International Union of Geological Sciences (IUGS)


Member of the Italian Society for Astrobiology (SIA)





The great majority of my work is done in collaboration with students, colleagues and friends from many parts of the world. To all of them I am deeply grateful for contibuting to make my life interesting and enjoyable.



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Books (from 2000)


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